Sunday Stitching and Snitching

Do you recognise this place?

Lacock Abbey cloister

Is this a better clue? Or the title of this post?

The Warming Room

We went to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire today which was used as a location for some of the Harry Potter films. A beautiful place, formerly an abbey until it was dissolved by Henry the VIII and turned into a family home. In Victorian times it was the home of Fox Talbot who invented the first photographic negatives so the more than one copy of a photo could be produced

This was after completing a couple more fans for the Fanfare pattern. We also visited Newark Park yesterday and visited Dursley village (a name familiar to Potter fans!) where I found a charity bookshop with patchwork and quilting books – usually rare to find. I behaved myself and only bought two!


I will be linking up with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching, pop over and see what everyone else is up to.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stitching and Snitching

  1. What a wonderful day you had! All we managed was a walk around a small lake about 15 miles from the lake we live above. Oh well, the dog enjoyed the fallen leaves and my husband enjoyed a few minutes of fishing…until he lost his new lure in the weeds… while I rested on a bench and listened to new classical music. A soul-healing afternoon with Mother Nature.

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    1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day too, certainly the sort I enjoy, including the fishing. I have my radio on Classic fm when I am sewing – both are good for the soul!


    1. It’s a very dark purple but it does look black in the photo – it was a very enjoyable weekend as we’d visited The Cube Multiplex the night before to see six comedians ( MC was my very funny niece Alice) and Army of Darkness


  2. What a brilliant place to visit….at first I thought the cloisters looked a little like Canterbury Cathedral but the three legged pot had me rethinking that answer. What a nice find those books are and so kind of you to leave some there! Would be a nice area to visit…thanks for sharing

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    1. I would recommend the Bristol area and Bristol itself. I am lucky as I stay with my sister and she is a member of the National Trust like me. I was taken to lots of historical places and gardens as a child so I did the same for mine. Now my grandchildren get just as excited when they know they are going on a trip


    1. Thank you we had a great time and Sunday roast in an old English traditional pub too. I must do a post on the house we saw the previous day as the owner used to quilt – an unexpected bonus for me!


  3. I love the atmosphere in the first two photos, and no, I had no idea where it was! We did some touring around some old abbeys when we went to England and few years ago, and it did remind me of some of our visits. I’m now watching Wolf Hall, the story of Cromwell, and Henry VIIIth, so this all seems related. Lucky to have such great finds on the patchwork book!

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    1. They filmed some of Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice there too – both favourites of mine. I haven’t seen Wolf Hall as I was in Australia at the time it was on in the UK – but will have to catch up after reading the Shardlake books set in the same era. A very interesting time in British history


    1. They are quite old but that is what makes them interesting, I have been poring over them for hours. It’s interesting to see how the same block is put together in a different way


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