Quilting From Little Things

Stars in Your Eyes

Rated three stars and I would agree if you have never made ‘Y’ seams before and initially I found it so difficult that I hid it in a bag for two years! The second time I tried it I didn’t have so many problems just by slightly adjusting the technique ie mainly keeping the needle down the whole time when adjusting the fabric

Stars in Your Eyes
Stars in Your Eyes

Rebel With A Rotary

Rated one, but I would give it one and a half as it requires greater accuracy than Botanical Gardens as there are more pieces cut on the bias

Rebel with a Rotary



A close up of the butterfly, I made it a bit bigger than the one in the book


All finished and bound in batik which has nearly all the same colours as the leaves


With the book for comparison – pretty close but I squeezed a few more leaves in!

The Woodpile

Finished woodpile


Rated with two stars, but I found it easy as there is no need to match seams and points – just relax and enjoy!

Geese Around the World

Flying geese around the world

Same rating as The Woodpile but I found it much harder!

Botanical Gardens


I started this quilt first but dithered so long over whether to keep or get rid of the border that I completed a lot of other quilts before biting the bullet and removing the border. This is so far, the only full size project I have completed from the book


I finished the top last year but only quilted it recently. It will soon be going to a new home, so I better get that label done!

A Little Silhouette

Rated two stars, not too difficult if you have completed Spring




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