Quilts Pre 2015

I wish I’d photographed all the quilts I’ve made but unfortunately I did not, and most are well used now. Still that is what they were made for!

Simply Colour Quilt

This was made from a single layer cake, Simply Colour by V and Co as a suggestion by Fiona from my favourite quilting shop in Brisbane – Peppermint Stitches. I was wondering what to do for my next project and this was quite different to my previous fabric choices. The pattern is my own and it took some working out to deal with the chevron print but it was worth it in the end and now it is on the back of the settee, on me or under the cat!


A Couple of Wonky Logs

wonky dinos wonky owls

I made one a wonky log cabin from Quilting From Little Things and enjoyed the freedom of working so randomly that I made a few more

Scrappy Christmas Star

xmas star close up xmas star

I had a few scraps left after making Christmas bunting so I added in some scraps in the same colours until I had enough to improvise this little wall hanging. Even scraps that were just over an inch were used on the centre!

Wendy’s Quilt

This quilt was made as a birthday present using a charm pack by 3 sisters for Moda – Printemps – with the additions of different white/cream, blue and pink fabric for the sashing. Fortunately she loved it!

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