Another set of alternate blocks completed and a second row finished. It departs a little from the RSC15 because I didn’t use brown or wrap around the colour from the other end. It was too rainy to take the photos outside so this is the best I could do!

Second Row RSC15

As you can see it is wider than the bed so I don’t think I will be quilting it. Fortunately for me Janette Chilver of J Quilts who happens to be the winner of Best in Show at the Festival of Quilts 2015 in Birmingham, lives a few miles away. You can see her beautiful quilt here

So much piecing also means a lot more work was done on the Tumbler Leaders and Enders challenge. Everything is joined up in rows of eight at least and quite a few in sixteens. I think this quilt top will be finished at the same time as the RSC15, but being lap-size will be quilted by me. It will be my Autumn/Winter quilt for the settee and the Simply Colour one will be put away until Spring

Do you have different quilts for different seasons?

18 thoughts on “Second Row

  1. BarbCarol says:

    I wonder if I will ever have the time to do a red/white quilt for my sister. Certainly love yours. I never seem to keep my own quilts, so I don’t have seasonal quilts to show off.

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    1. Kay says:

      I haven’t quite yet but will soon. A red and white quilt would be a lovely gift for your sister especially if she has a ‘big’ birthday coming up


  2. lapaylor says:

    oh yes, We have quilts for the seasons. I do have favorites though, that show up more often.

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    1. Kay says:

      I haven’t got that many at the moment but it is my ambition LOL


  3. Nell says:

    Isn’t it wxciting when a quilt starts to come together. Looks lovely!

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    1. Kay says:

      Thank you, it is exciting to see it come together!


  4. Magpie Sue says:

    What pretty blocks! And isn’t it amazing how quickly leaders and enders add up? I do have a couple of seasonal quilts , Halloween and Christmas. Beyond that I tend to use certain color quilts seasonally (darker colors for the darker months and more tropical colors for summer).

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    1. Kay says:

      Thank you. I was surprised at how quickly the tumbler quilt grew after a slow start. It is in darker colours and my current quilt is definitely more tropical. I have a couple of little Christmas pieces but not for other holidays


  5. Julie in GA says:

    I love to switch quilts around based on the season. I have a quilt ladder that can hold 4-5 different quilts, and it is time for me to put out some fall quilts on that.

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    1. Kay says:

      My friend Kathy has a quilt ladder too, I have given away nearly all the quilts I have made but I think its time to start keeping some for a ladder too. One full of Fall quilts sounds lovely


  6. Angela says:

    Great progress. Your quilt top will be finished before you know it!

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    1. Kay says:

      Thank you, it certainly seems that way!


  7. Love the many shades and prints of red you added, same with the neutrals. A lovely quilt for any season.

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    1. Kay says:

      That is a piece of just about every red I have! I have far more blues and greens but based on these blocks it’s time to get more red – any excuse to get more fabric


  8. Cathy L says:

    Yes, I have quilts for all seasons but leave the same old, same old on our bed. And I leave the same old lap quilts out on the couch. Most of the rest are stashed away or given away.

    I like how you didn’t have brown so substituted rather than go buy some. It’s a scrap challenge, after all! It looks like an apple core in the center of one of those red ones.

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    1. Kay says:

      How many quilts have you got! I aim to keep a few now instead of giving them away. With the brown – those were my thoughts, it’s a scrap challenge and I realised when selecting purple that I had so many they could be sub-divided into mauve and lavender. I am loving the brown blocks that everyone is making though


  9. Sheila says:

    Beautiful blocks! Love the prints. Looking forward to seeing your quilts come together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kay says:

      Thank you! Only five more rows and two blocks to go and the tumbler quilt is nearly ready to join the rows too


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