Second Row

Another set of alternate blocks completed and a second row finished. It departs a little from the RSC15 because I didn’t use brown or wrap around the colour from the other end. It was too rainy to take the photos outside so this is the best I could do!

Second Row RSC15

As you can see it is wider than the bed so I don’t think I will be quilting it. Fortunately for me Janette Chilver of J Quilts who happens to be the winner of Best in Show at the Festival of Quilts 2015 in Birmingham, lives a few miles away. You can see her beautiful quilt here

So much piecing also means a lot more work was done on the Tumbler Leaders and Enders challenge. Everything is joined up in rows of eight at least and quite a few in sixteens. I think this quilt top will be finished at the same time as the RSC15, but being lap-size will be quilted by me. It will be my Autumn/Winter quilt for the settee and the Simply Colour one will be put away until Spring

Do you have different quilts for different seasons?

18 thoughts on “Second Row

    1. I haven’t quite yet but will soon. A red and white quilt would be a lovely gift for your sister especially if she has a ‘big’ birthday coming up


  1. What pretty blocks! And isn’t it amazing how quickly leaders and enders add up? I do have a couple of seasonal quilts , Halloween and Christmas. Beyond that I tend to use certain color quilts seasonally (darker colors for the darker months and more tropical colors for summer).

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    1. Thank you. I was surprised at how quickly the tumbler quilt grew after a slow start. It is in darker colours and my current quilt is definitely more tropical. I have a couple of little Christmas pieces but not for other holidays


  2. I love to switch quilts around based on the season. I have a quilt ladder that can hold 4-5 different quilts, and it is time for me to put out some fall quilts on that.

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    1. My friend Kathy has a quilt ladder too, I have given away nearly all the quilts I have made but I think its time to start keeping some for a ladder too. One full of Fall quilts sounds lovely


    1. That is a piece of just about every red I have! I have far more blues and greens but based on these blocks it’s time to get more red – any excuse to get more fabric


  3. Yes, I have quilts for all seasons but leave the same old, same old on our bed. And I leave the same old lap quilts out on the couch. Most of the rest are stashed away or given away.

    I like how you didn’t have brown so substituted rather than go buy some. It’s a scrap challenge, after all! It looks like an apple core in the center of one of those red ones.

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    1. How many quilts have you got! I aim to keep a few now instead of giving them away. With the brown – those were my thoughts, it’s a scrap challenge and I realised when selecting purple that I had so many they could be sub-divided into mauve and lavender. I am loving the brown blocks that everyone is making though


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