Grandmother’s Flower Garden

These two flowers have travelled round a bit – in and out of a zip lock bag getting a bit wrinkled on the way but now they are finished

Two flowers

They are larger than the previously completed flowers; adding the diamonds gives more design possibilities the idea for which came from ‘Quilting on the Go!’ by Jessica Alexandrakis. This is a very good book for people new to EPP (English paper piecing) or if you have experience, full of good ideas and design projects big and small.

Pink with leaves

I particularly like the leaves. The stripy material is one that I had doubts about when I bought it; was the colour too acidic? But I love it as the leaves because they set the pink off so well

What are you up to this Sunday? Pop over to Kathy’s quilts if you need some inspiration and see what everyone else is up to





A Busy Day

Four in a row RSC15

A very busy day on Friday.  Finished four more blocks for the RSC15 and cut squares for the alternate blocks in yellow, orange and red. Posted my two tulip blocks for the Block Lotto and tidied the sewing room. Got a phone call to say that I am through to the second round of interviews for a job at Little Havens charity shop – fingers crossed!

My sewing room is too small so I am spreading out into the hall. It should be a bit more thread free as I made another fabric pot on Friday too, for all those little threads and clippings – my other one lives in the hall on an Ikea bookcase which has become my cutting table. It’s a bit low but I think adding castors (the locking kind) will raise it up high enough to save my back.

It might be October but the weather has been wonderful; warm and sunny with a slight mist this morning just to remind you that it is Autumn.


My First Block Lotto

I made two blocks for my first lotto – purple and mauve tulips that are now on their way to America, I hope that the recipient of my blocks likes them

BL tulip purple Block Lotto tulip mauve

The mauve block isn’t wonky – I just took the photo at an angle!

The block for October is a monochromatic Twinkle Star. I have seen this block recently as one of the participants in the RSC15 is making them. I thought it was a lovely block and one for the future – didn’t think I would be making one so soon but it seems the future is here now!

This time the blocks are on black which will make for a striking quilt and one I would love to win. So I must get on with making new blocks – got to be in it, to win it