Grandmother’s Flower Garden

These two flowers have travelled round a bit – in and out of a zip lock bag getting a bit wrinkled on the way but now they are finished

Two flowers

They are larger than the previously completed flowers; adding the diamonds gives more design possibilities the idea for which came from ‘Quilting on the Go!’ by Jessica Alexandrakis. This is a very good book for people new to EPP (English paper piecing) or if you have experience, full of good ideas and design projects big and small.

Pink with leaves

I particularly like the leaves. The stripy material is one that I had doubts about when I bought it; was the colour too acidic? But I love it as the leaves because they set the pink off so well

What are you up to this Sunday? Pop over to Kathy’s quilts if you need some inspiration and see what everyone else is up to





15 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Flower Garden

    1. You have beautiful work on your blog, I’m glad I joined the Slow Sunday Stitching as it has brought so much lovely work and blogs to my attention


  1. I love the stripey green fabric in the leaves too! Isn’t it fun when we try something we don’t think will work and it surprises us! When I first started quilting I wasted so much time worrying about shades of fabric. I now call those oatmeal quilts, I prefer those have a few surprises that make them sparkle.


    1. When I first started I bought some fabrics mainly because they were in the sale to get a stash started. Some I looked at recently and thought they don’t go with what I like now, but I have put them altogether in the Leaders and Enders Challenge tumbler quilt – and now they work!


    1. Those bags are great for keeping everything together and easily visible, I have a bag full of bags of cut fabric, some basted onto templates, half finished flowers and completed ones. don’t know what I would do without them!


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