Snow and Sewing

Second sashiko sample completed! Now with free cat hair!

Sashiko steps

I don’t think the cat hair really enhances it. I have also sketched out the third design, I kept changing my mind about the scale and pattern but settled on this one as I have completed two linear ones and now it is time for a curved design

Sashiko sketch

It has been a freezing week as the ‘beast from the east’ has brought wind bearing snow from Siberia. We have missed storm Emma though and today it is begining to thaw here in the South East.  I think snow encourages sewing – a good excuse to stay inside. However we did venture outside for a lovely walk in the Suffolk village of Long Melford a few days ago.


Shortly after this the wind and snow created a short-lived snow storm and we sheltered in the church of the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford

Picturesque though the snow is I am glad to see it thawing but not as happy as the hens who haven’t been able to forage in the garden!

Now it is time to visit Kathy’s blog and see what everyone else has been creating for Slow Sunday Stitching

14 thoughts on “Snow and Sewing

  1. I agree with you, snow promotes sewing. I’ve got lots done over the last three days! I love your sashiko sewing. I’ve just reserved a book from the library on how to get started. I really want to have a go!

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  2. Your sashiko samples are delightful. While the church looks good in the snow, brrr I couldn’t live there. I’m such a wimp when it comes to cold.

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    1. Thank you. It rarely snows in this part of England and it has all gone now. Still slowing up North though, I’m not fond of the cold either


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