Kantha Quilting



I spent a little time today adding the quilting lines to the Kantha sample I am making for my City and Guilds portfolio – but only a little time as I have been on a Hen weekend and am a bit tired!. Originally I started with a more complicated design of cats and fish using an old pillow case. It was far too fussy and the cotton so dense it was not enjoyable to sew.


I swopped to this simple design using a piece of old linen trousers which, with its much looser weave, was much easier to sew and quickly built up the embroidery.


It is only two layers of material with no wadding but that is how Kantha is made in West Bengal and Bangladesh mainly by women in rural areas. It can be very simple and was a good way to use old saris and other fabric to make a coverlet. It can also be very decorative and ornate.


Well, I wished I had made it to the art galleries and museums in Cambridge but I seemed to have spent too much time eating and giggling. Another trip is on the cards as I missed the quilt shop too! That’s a first as I usually manage to find one wherever I go but I have been lucky enough to be given a £75 voucher for Franklins for my birthday so that makes up for it.

Think I can finish the Kantha sample tomorrow and then will start on the Sashiko one!

12 thoughts on “Kantha Quilting

  1. I saw the little thumbnail picture of this and just had to visit. This is beautiful. I love the swirling stitches and the beautiful threads. I want to try this! Did you trace the picture or just start stitching?

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    1. I decided to do a paisley pattern drew a circle to start with and after I had embroidered it iust added the swirling part. Mostly made up as I went along. I didn’t use a hoop either as it wouldn’t be used in Asia and I think it was contributing to the overly tight design and execution of the first piece. I think this is more in the spirit of Kantha. Thank you for the lovely comment too!


    1. Thanks, I haven’t embroidered for a while but will do a lot more now as I enjoyed the sashiko and the kantha too – and both only use running stitch so nice and relaxing (french knots drive me crazy lol)


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