An Early Finish, a Late Post!

I finished this quilt a long time ago! In plenty of time for my little sister’s birthday… her 50th in fact which was in April. I didn’t feel too decrepit when I turned 50 but having a little sister turn a half century seemed terrible lol

The main fabrics are from a 10″ stacker of Raspberry Parlour fabric from Riley Blake and the background fabric is from American Jane but I think it blends in well. The binding was from the bargain bin at Spotlight and I wish there was more as it is lovely and soft apart from being a beautiful colour.

The wadding is bamboo and is very thick. My sister said every time she uses it watching TV she falls asleep because it is so cosy.

It is a well travelled lap quilt as everything was bought in Australia and it was given as a present in the UK. There has been little sewing this year as we bought a house that needed rewiring and replastering nearly all the way through. Have you ever sealed and then painted nearly every wall and ceiling in a four bedroomed house? Especially when you are working full time and have a month to do it all before you move in? Just for fun we put coving up ourselves too! Luckily Rod has plenty of experience and I was just the labourer. Packing was going on at the same time and emptying our storage container – too much and too tiring to make anything

When the weather improved the garden, all 185 ft of it needed attention. Not because it had been neglected, far from it as the previous owners husband loved his garden and it shows. Big shed, extra long green house and 5 compost bins. The veg patch now has 5 raised beds and another section has 2 raised beds which will be devoted to flowers for the house.

Lastly, we put up a large chicken run and let the grandchildren chose a hen each. they all have names and are all different breeds, even the eggs are different colours. Sky, the heritage skyline has not produced the promised blue eggs though – they are white. Pictures of the grumpy girls to follow; they are being kept in due to outbreak of bird flu in Europe and are not happy having had the run of the garden all summer!


The garden in May. The twiggy thing bottom left is a campsis and was covered in orange flowers soon after

6 thoughts on “An Early Finish, a Late Post!

    1. I have but not sewing! I hope there is a lot more sewing this year, considering I have started a City and Guilds in patchwork and quilting there better be lol


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