Find the Makers of This Quilt!

This is a beautiful story of a quilt that was sent over from America in a box as part of a Care package when families were still struggling after the war. It has been treasured for 70 years and the owner would like to find the ladies who made it and return it to them

You can find all the details in this article on the BBC news website – The Man Who Kept a Quilt for 70 Years

He would also like to tell them of the effect it had on him and his family and how it has been treasured and revered for all those years

4 thoughts on “Find the Makers of This Quilt!

    1. I think he is being optimistic about finding the actual makers as they would probably be in their 90s or older now, but he might find their descendants. I just love the fact that he thought about the makers of the quilt with such respect and affection


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