A Little Silhouette


What a sweet little dolly is this little silhouette. Rated 2 stars I would agree. I had practice on the smaller shapes for Spring and which was good practice before tackling this one as the piece is larger and the shaping more difficult. I was tempted to do a cockatoo instead but thought the plumed feathers on the top of a cockatoo’s head might be too fiddly

I really enjoyed the quilting and used different blues, getting lighter the further away from the eagle. I love the look of the close quilting lines and how they almost look like a landscape when viewed close-up.

I also loved the simple small squares of the background and am keeping a bag of small squares ready for another project – not that I have decided what it is – I just love the look of them

There was no real problem with this dolly as I had already completed needle-turn applique for ‘Spring’ but I would recommend that they are completed in that order if you are new to this type of applique


2 thoughts on “A Little Silhouette

  1. This is gorgeous, Kay. I’ve always wanted to try quilting, but haven’t got around to it yet. All that stitching looks so daunting to me! My mother-in-law is a pro and runs classes in quilting at a community centre in Melbourne, so I’ll have to go along sometime next year. Thanks for sharing your photos! x


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I learnt to quilt at a cute little shop called Peppermint Stiches in Brisbane and got hooked immediately! I have since challenged myself to complete all of the quilts in Quilting from Little Things by Sarah Fielke. I think my favourite so far is Spring. I started off machine stitching but loved the little dolly quilts in Sarah’s book so much that I had to try hand stitching too. The stitching doesn’t take as long as you might think – why not give it a go!


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