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Taking Stock July 2015



Pip Lincoln over at http://meetmeatmikes.com/?s=taking+stock publishes a blank ‘taking stock’  list for anyone to copy and take stock for themselves – don’t forget to read Pip’s too

This is my first one;

Making : blocks for The Global Quilting Project – TGQP ….. Cooking : as little as possible …..Drinking : tea …..Reading: blink; the Power of Thinking Without thinking. by Malcolm Gladwell ….. Wanting: my mum to get better ….. Looking: out of the window …..Playing: Midas mah-jong online …. Deciding: which fabrics to use for the next quilt challenge …..Wishing: Greece well ……Enjoying: the summer sun ….Waiting: for a PAC to change my phone but keep my number  …… Liking: the crochet blanket I am making … Wondering: if this headache will go without taking tablets …..Loving: being able to see family now we are back from Australia …..Pondering: what to do next ….. Considering: starting baby crib blanket …..Buying: a venus fly trap  ……Watching: silly cat and dog videos …….Hoping: to win the lottery like most people! …… Marvelling: at moths https://www.distractify.com/magnificent-moths-1236736287.html      Cringing: at my dry hair ….. Needing: a good conditioner ….. Questioning: why can’t I get a good conditioner …..Smelling: the borrowed cat’s fur* …..Wearing: jeans, t-shirt and a long cardigan …..Following: no-one, I’m not a stalker! …..Noticing: that I am still full-up from lunch even though it is time for dinner …..Knowing: I need to finish numerous WIPs ……Thinking: I should make a label for my sisters birthday quilt….. Admiring: PC Ian Dibell who was killed off duty trying to protect the public from a gunman….. Sorting: out books retrieved from storage …..Getting: excited about finishing my blocks for the TGQP swap…… Bookmarking: my place in an actual book …..Coveting: nothing …..Disliking: olives (the things in jars not people called Olive)….. Opening: drawers to select fabric …..Giggling: at Mr ‘I don’t like cats’ making a fuss of the cat that came with the rented house*….. Feeling: sad about all the wars going on ……Snacking: on Blue Riband chocolate wafer bars …..Helping: to babysit Poo-pert ……Hearing: the sound of  Mr ‘I don’t like cats’ testing bagpipes when I am trying to listen to the radio

I should add Having: no idea why this looked like a list in draft but not in the preview – hence the dots to separate everything


This is what our sweet little ‘borrowed’ cat looks like

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