A Busy Day

Four in a row RSC15

A very busy day on Friday.  Finished four more blocks for the RSC15 and cut squares for the alternate blocks in yellow, orange and red. Posted my two tulip blocks for the Block Lotto and tidied the sewing room. Got a phone call to say that I am through to the second round of interviews for a job at Little Havens charity shop – fingers crossed!

My sewing room is too small so I am spreading out into the hall. It should be a bit more thread free as I made another fabric pot on Friday too, for all those little threads and clippings – my other one lives in the hall on an Ikea bookcase which has become my cutting table. It’s a bit low but I think adding castors (the locking kind) will raise it up high enough to save my back.

It might be October but the weather has been wonderful; warm and sunny with a slight mist this morning just to remind you that it is Autumn.


18 thoughts on “A Busy Day

    1. The weather has been amazing this week but due for rain next week – but that’s what keeps everything so lovely and green so we shouldn’t complain


  1. Such a cheerful row of blocks. I can almost smell the fresh air. I know your cutting will be more comfortable at the right height, so important. I had to take the casters off of my table and it made such a difference. Good luck!

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  2. Your blocks are beautiful…even competing with that marvelous blue sky. It’s nice to be reminded of what is lurking behind all these rain clouds.

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    1. Thanks they are mostly from the RSC15. Unfortunately I got through to the last two but didn’t get the job 😦 Still more time for quilting LOL


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